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VLBA Rapid Response Proposals

    The list below does not include observations of Known Transient Phenomena, which proceed through the normal NRAO proposal process and are triggered by criteria defined in the original proposal.
     G. Bower
    Proper Motion of the Galactic Center Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater 1745-29
    ToO2013 July 17
    6 monthsView
     C. Walker
    Time Dependence of Distortions of the M87 Jet
    Exp 2013 June 13
    6 monthsView
     A. Horesh
    VLBA Observations of a Recent Tidal-Disruption-Event candiate
    Exp 2013 May 30
    6 monthsView
     K. Niinuma
    Dense follow-up of giant Ge V flare from Mrk 421 with multi-frequency astrometry
    ToO 2013 May 22
    6 monthsView
     G. Bower
    Proper Motion of the Galactic Center Soft Gamma Ray Repeater
    ToO 2013 May 10
    6 monthsView
    BR188 B. Rani
    ToO VLBI observations to trace BL LAC during decay phase of historic outburst
    ToO2013 May 13
    6 monthsView
    BR176 B. Rani
     ToO observations of BL Lacertae to follo wthe ongoing historic outburst
    ToO 2013 Feb 18
    6 monthsView
    BR178 S. Ransom
    Rapid Astrometry of a Millisecond Pulsar in Stellar Triple System
    Exp 2013 Feb 13
    6 monthsView
    BR175 J. Richards
    Follow-up of exceptional radio and GeV/Tev gamma-ray flares in blazar Mrk 421
    ToO 2012 Oct 12
    6 monthsView
    BM385 A. Mioduszewski
    Imaging the shock in Gamma Ray Nova Mon 2012
    ToO 2012 Oct 3
    6 monthsView
    BC214 T. Cheung
    Radio Imaging of a Gravitationally Lens Blazar after Gamma-ray Outbursts
    ToO 2012 Oct 5
    6 monthsView
    BK175 N. Kanekar
    The covering factor of two high-redshift damped Lyman-alpha systems
    ToO 2012 June 6
    6 monthsView
    BC207 P. Castangia
    The Nature of the water maser in the obscured nucleus of the Sy2 IRAS15480-0344
    ToO 2012 June 2
    6 monthsView
    BE61 A. Eckart
    Coordinated observations of SgrA*: Triggering 43 GHZ phase referencing
    ToO 2012 May 16
    6 monthsView
    BO42 M. Orienti
    The radio emission of the gamma-ray flaring FSRQ at highest redshift
    ToO 2012 May 22
    6 monthsView
    BO41 J. Ott
    Nature of a newly detected water maser in the core of Centaurus A
    Exp 2012 May 7
    6 monthsView
    BM371 M. MiddletonResolving the nature of the only ULX jet detected in the radio band
    ToO2012 Mar  126 monthsView
    BM370 S. MarkoffTriggering VLBA on SGR A* Flares: The Search for Variable Structure
    ToO2012 Mar  126 monthsView
    BK174 N. KanekarThe covering factor of a damped lyman-alpha system at z=0.6039
    ToO2011 Dec 276 monthsView
    BX6 D. XuRevealing the Structure of a Gamma-Ray Burst Next Door: GRB 111005A at 56.6 Mpc
    ToO2011 Oct 216 monthsView
    BS214 S. SpolaorInvestigating NGC3393 as the Nearest Active Galactic Nucleus Pair
    Exp2011 Oct 156 monthsView
    BB316 D. BoboltzMulti-wavelength Imaging of the Circumstellar Atmosphere of Mira (o-Cet)
    ToO2011 Sept  276 monthsView
    BK173 A. KingAn Extraordinary Flare in the Nearest LINER
    ToO2011 Sept 176 monthsView
    BB306 M. BietenholzVLBI observations to resolve the ejecta of SN2011dh in M51
    ToO2011 Aug 216 monthsView
    BC199 S. CenkoSw J2058+05: A possible Second Relativistic Tidal Disruption Flare
    ToO2011 Aug 126 monthsView
    BB307 M. BeilickePinpointing the emission region of a recent VHE gamma-ray flare of BL Lacertae
    ToO2011 Jul  66 monthsView
    BS212 A. Soderberg
    VLBI observations will reveal the nature of the most GRB 110328A
    ToO2011 Jun 10
    6 monthsView
    BD156 J. DesmursA full polarization study of SiO masers emission in the Chi Cyg
    ToO2011 Jun  116 monthsView
    BL182A. LobanovDeciphering the Crab Nebula: High-resolution imaging of flaring emission
    ToO2011 Apr  306 monthsView
    BS210A. SoderbergVLBI observations willreveal the nature of  the most peculiar GRB 110328A
    ToO2011 Apr  116 monthsView
    BB304G. BowerThe Peculiar Swift event GRB110328A/ Swift J16449.3+573451
    ToO2011 Apr 16 monthsView
    BH172G. HallinanSimultaneous VLBI and Zeeman Doppler Imaging of Algol's Coronal Loop
    ToO2010 Nov 276 monthsView
    BV70A. van der HorstVLBA observations of the new hard X-ray transient MAXI J1659-152
    ToO2010 Oct 2,6,14,196 monthsView
    BM348W. MajidFast  transient search pipeline validation with observation of bright pulsars
    Exp2010 Aug 106 monthsView
    BR159A.RushtonHigh-resolution observations of Cygnus-X-1 during a state transition
    ToO2010 Jul 126 monthsView
    BM347A. MoinHigh Resolution Monitoring of GRB 100418a
    Exp2010 Jun 226 monthsView
    BM346J. Miller-JonesConstraining the space motion of the strange black hole transient XTE J1752-223
    ToO2010 Jun 176 monthsView
    BD150F. DayDetermining positions of BP150 VLBA Calibrators
    Exp2010 Apr  286 monthsView
    GB71A.BrunthalerAn intriguing new radio sources in M82:  The first extragalactic micro-quasar?
    ToO2010 Apr  206 monthsView
    BB291C. BrocksoppCatch the decaying radio core of the new X-ray transient XTE J1752-223
    ToO2010 Apr 25,296 monthsView
    BV069W. VlemmingsThe SiO masers of the recent nova symbiotic star V407 Cyg
    ToO2010 Mar 296 monthsView
    BK166E. KoerdingMonitoring the likely GeV emitting Nova V407 Cyg
    ToO2010 Mar 286 monthsView
    BJ071 K. JohnsonAGn Core Wander and the Stability of the ICRF
    Exp2010 Jan 316 monthsView
    BB290C. BrocksoppA Major Jet Ejection Event from the X-ray Transient XTE J1752-223?ToO2010 Jan 18,23,266 monthsView
    BM317J. Miller-JonesExploratory HSA obs. of the X-ray binary SWIFT J173.5-0127ToO2010 Feb 66 monthsView
    BD149F. DayIdentifying suitable calibrators for VLBA astrometry measurements of PPNsExp2010 Jan 266 monthsView
    BM331 J. Miller-Jones An unexpected transition to the soft state in a peculiar X-ray binary
    ToO 2009 Dec 16,19,22,24 6 months View
    BR148 A. Rushton June 2009 Cygnus X-1 outburst ToO 2009 June 28 6 months View
    BB273 M. Bietenholz Resolving a Hypernova Jet in SN 2009bb ToO 2009 June 11, 12 6 months View
    BB272 A. Brunthaler New radio supernova in M82? ToO 2009 April 30, May 1 6 months View
    BS193 F. Schinzel Monitoring an imminent flaring event in 3C345 ToO 2009 Feb 19 6 months View
    BD141 A. Deller Exploratory obs. for a VLBA parallax of binary MSP J1023+0038 Exp 2008 Dec 16 6 months View
    BB265 A. Brunthaler Calibrator search near water masers in the outer Galaxy Exp 2008 June 23 6 months
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  • BB259 M. Bietenholz Is the transient in NGC2770 a relativistic SN explosion? ToO 2008 May 21 6 months
  • View
  • BM283 E. Momjian 1.4 GHz VLBA Imaging of M104's Nucleus Exp 2008 April 26 6 months
  • View
  • BK151 Y. Kovalev Exploratory follow up on a serendipitous discovery of a lens candidate Exp 2008 April 7 6 months
  • View
  • BM282 J.M. Marcaide ToO Obs. of SN2008ax at 1.3 cm ToO 2008 April 4 6 months
  • View
  • BS181 A. Soderberg Is the transient in NGC2770 a relativistic SN explosion? ToO 2008 February 8 6 months
  • View
  • BS179 T. Savolainen Polarimetric ToO Obs. of 3C454.3 ToO 2007 October 6 6 months
  • View
  • GK39 M. Kadler 3C111 in Outburst ToO 2007 November 6 months
  • View
  • GP44 Z. Paragi Misaligned Relativistic Jet in SN 2007gr? ToO 2007 October 6 months
  • View
  • BL157 L. Loinard Accurate distance to the Orion Trapezium Exp 2007 September 9 6 months
  • View
  • BK141 Q. Konopacky Towards a 1% mass determination for binary brown dwarf 2MASS07464+20 Exp 2007 August 11,19 6 months
  • View
  • BD125 R. Dodson Frequency Phase Transfer Astrometry to align AGB-star maser images ToO 2007 June 28 6 months
  • View
  • BE51 A. Eckart Probing for the Intermediate Mass Black Hole IRS13E in the GC stellar cluster ToO 2007 May 6 months
  • View
  • BB243 G. Black Interferometric radar observations of Asteroid 2006 VV2 ToO 2007 April 1 6 months
  • View
  • BB247 M. Busch Radar interferometric imaging of near-earth Asteroid 2006 VV2 ToO 2007 March 30, April 1 6 months
  • View
  • BB248 J. Braatz Megamaser cosmology project ToO 2007 March 9, 10 6 months
  • View
  • BS174 J. Sokoloski High spatial resolution monitoring of 2007 outburst of the jet-producing white dwarf in CH Cygni ToO 2007 March 3 6 months
  • View
  • BD123 R. Dodson Frequency Phase Transfer Astrometry for mm-VLBI Exp 2007 Feb. 3 6 months
  • View
  • BP138 L. Petrov Measurement of the post-seismic displacement of MK-VLBA caused by the Hawaii earthquake on 2006.10.15 ToO 2006 Nov 8-9 6 months
  • View
  • BP136 M. Perez-Torres VLBA Imaging of gamma ray binary LSI+61o303 Exp 2006 Oct 26-27 6 months
  • View
  • BE49 R. Edmonds 43 GHz VLBA positions for Si0-13 and SiO-23 Exp 2006 August 12 6 months
  • View
  • BH142 D. Helfand First Magnetar Proper Motion from Transient AXP XTE J1810-197 ToO 2006 June 2 6 months
  • View
  • BR122 E. Ros Catching the flare in CTA 102 ToO 2006 April 14 6 months
  • View
  • BO27 T.J. O'Brien Monitoring the expanding radio remnant of RS Oph ToO 2006 April 25 6 months
  • View
  • BR119 E. Ros Catching the Flare in CTA 102 ToO 2006 March 6, 7 6 months
  • View
  • BS167 J. Sokoloski Expanding shell and Jet of RS Oph ToO 2006 March 5, 11 6 months
  • View
  • BM249 J.C. Miller-Jones Following the transient ejecta of GRS1915+105 ToO 2006 March 4 6 months
  • View
  • BO026 T.J. O'Brien Resolving the radio emission from 2006 outburst of recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi ToO 2006 February 6 6 months
  • View
  • BP129 R. Parra Confirmation and follow up of new bright radio supernova in the ULIRG Arp 220 ToO 2006 January 9 6 months
  • View
  • BD115 R. Dodson Frequency Phase Transfer Astrometry to align AGB star maser images ToO 2006 January 7 6 months
  • View
  • BE46 P.G. Edwards Hard X-ray quasar J0746+2549 obs. ToO 2005 November 3 6 months
  • View
  • BC156 M. Claussen VLBA Obs. of Sio masers in V838 Monocerotis Exp 2005 October 6, 18 6 months
  • View
  • BK126 C. Kouveliotou Searching for compact structure in flaring magnetar SGR1806-20 ToO 2005 February 26 6 months
  • View
  • BD107 V. Dhawan VLBA Astronomety of X-ray binaries ToO 2005 January 17 6 months
  • View
  • BK122 C. Kouveliotou 3rd epoch VLBA-GBT obs. of SGR 1806-20 following a giant flare ToO 2005 January 10 (as segment C of BK121) 6 months
  • View
  • BK121 C. Kouveliotou Multi-epoch VLBA observations of SGR 1806-20 following a giant X-ray flare ToO 2005 January 5, 6 6 months
  • View
  • BJ058 D. Jauncey Measure the scattered size of the remarkable scintillator PKS 0405-385 in order to determine the distance to the scattering screen ToO 2004 November 17 6 months
  • View
  • BB207 G. Bower An X-ray/radio transient 2.5" from Sgr A* ToO 2004 October 20 6 months
  • View
  • BR103 J.D. Romney Spacecraft navigation observations of the Cassini Spacecraft during a flyby of Iapetus ToO 2004 October 14,16,17,19,20 6 months
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  • BU29 G. Umana VLA+VLBA obs. of HR1099 during a radio burst ToO 2004 September 26 6 months
  • View
  • BM213 E. Momjian Possible phase calibrator for L-band Arp 220 obs. Exp TBD 6 months
  • View
  • BR94 M. Rupen ToO Observations of possible micro-quasar J1628-4152 ToO 2004 March 3 6 months
  • View
  • BR93 L. Greenhill Exploratory imaging of Q0906+6930 Exp Dynamic Queue 6 months
  • View
  • BW74 J. Wrobel Calibrator Search in the SIRTF First-Look Survey Exp TBD 6 months
  • View
  • BT72 S. Thorsett VLBA Parallax obs. of a merging binary pulsar Exp TBD 6 months
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