St. Croix, The Virgin Islands

VLBA antenna at St. Croix, the Virgin Islands
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The easternmost antenna of the Very Long Baseline Array is located on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The baseline between St. Croix and the westernmost antenna in Hawaii is nearly 5,000 miles, thus producing an image as though the array were a single antenna with a diameter nearly the diameter of the earth.
The St. Croix antenna is unique for several reasons. The heaters on the feed horns were removed because they weren't necessary in the tropical climate. The Site Technicians and maintenance and repair teams must deal with corrosion of parts caused by the sea air. The dish must be painted more often than the others. It is also threatened by hurricanes with some regularity.

St. Croix and its position relative to the U.S.
Of course, there is much more to St. Croix than the NRAO antenna! To find out about St. Croix's historic and architectural treasures, see this link to the St. Croix, Virgin Isles, homepage.

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