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VLBA Information for Astronomers

News for Proposers (Last Updated September 15, 2009)

General announcements and news for investigators proposing to use the VLA, VLBA, HSA, and other VLBI facilities for the October 1, 2009 proposal deadline are available here

U.S. Student Support Program for VLBA Proposals

The popular GBT student support program has been extended to cover regular VLBA and HSA proposals and Large VLBA and HSA Proposals. The link NRAO Student Observing Support Program gives more information.

Important Messages To VLBA Users (Last Updated December 7, 2009)

Messages for users about recent problems in observing and/or correlation, and their fixes can be found here.

General Information

New Developments at the VLBA

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VLBA Calibration

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VLBA Archives

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