The VLBA Calibrator List

This search tool will receive limited support beginning 2022-08-15, and will be retired 2023-01-01.
The new VLBA Calibrator Search Tool is now the primary tool for identifying calibraotrs for VLBA ovbservations.
Users are encouraged to try the new tool and provide any feedback via the helpdesk.

The VLBA Calibrators List drives a search engine to find calibrators that are close to a specified position. Please fill out the VLBA Calibrators Search Form below. The search will return a table of sources within the search radius and a diagram showing the proximity of each source to the search center. Plots of the source visibility and image distributions are given for many sources.

This catalog contains the same source list that is in the NRAO VLBI SCHED program. More detailed information can be found from:

The Calibrator list and accurate positions as a text file: Calibrator List
The latest IAU standard ICRF3 VLBI Source Position Catalog: ICRF3 source list
The ICRF3 publication: Charlot et al. 2020
The Radio Fundamental Catalog (RFC): RFC
The NRAO SCHED Source list using ICRF3 positions: ICRF3 SCHED calibrator list
Astrogeo VLBI Calibrator Search Tool: RFC Calibrator Search
Astrogeo VLBI image database: Astrogeo image search
The Bordeaux VLBI Image Database: BVID

VLBA Calibrators Search Form

RA :
      RA =  6h45m10.76s   DEC = 16d41'57.82"
      RA = 06H45M         DEC = 16d42'
      RA = 06:45:10.76    DEC = 0.2914594
The '*' wildcard will not work properly in the RA or DEC fields.
Search Radius : The default search radius is 10 degrees.
The maximum search radius is 45.0 degrees.

Maximum Number of sources returned:
Sort the Resulting list by:
NOTE: Sorting by Flux is not currently reliable

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