VLBI Future Committee

The report of the Committee entitled "Mapping the Future of VLBI Science in the U.S." was accepted in August, 2004 by the Directors of MIT Haystack Observatory and NRAO. The report is available in both pdf and gzipped postscript formats. This report considers the exciting scientific future of VLBI in the US, with emphasis on ground-based VLBI, and provides a science and technology plan for the next decade.

We held a series of open meetings during the summer of 2003 to gather input from the astronomical community across the U.S.. Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation that was used to start the Pasadena, Socorro, and Baltimore meetings. The minutes for each meeting can be found below. Participants and affiliations are listed, but we have removed identifiers from the text.

Pasadena Open Meeting on July 11, 2003 organized by Greg Taylor and Shri Kulkarni and hosted by Caltech.

Boston Open Meeting on September 2, 2003 organized by David Wilner and Shep Doeleman and hosted by CfA.

Socorro Open Meeting on September 5, 2003 organized by Greg Taylor and Joan Wrobel and hosted by NRAO.

Baltimore Open Meeting on September 10, 2003 organized by Chris O'Dea and hosted by STScI.

VLBI Future Committee Members

Shep Doeleman (Haystack Obs.)
Dave Hough (Trinity University)
Shri Kulkarni (Caltech)
Colin Lonsdale (Haystack Obs.) -- co-chair
Alan Marscher (Boston Univ.)
Chris O'Dea (STScI)
Greg Taylor (NRAO) -- co-chair
David Wilner (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Joan Wrobel (NRAO)
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