Radio Jet of 1845+797


K. Kellermann, M. Lister, D. Homan (NRAO)
Y. Kovalev (NRAO and Astro Space Center)
A. Zensus (NRAO and MPIfR)
M. Cohen (Caltech)
Ray Norris (ATNF)
R. Vermeulen (ASTRON)
E. Ros, M. Kadler (MPIfR)

VLBA Project Code: BZ4, BZ23, BZ14, BK37, BK48, BK52, BK68
Observing time range 1994-2001

Radio jet in 1845+797
Quasars and AGN eject relativistic plasma jets with velocities very close to the speed of light. Observations with the VLBA made since 1994, show a wide range of apparent velocity due in part to projection effects, and in part due to a dispersion in intrinsic velocity.

Usually, the observed jet flow is in the direction of an established jet. However, many jets show significant bends and twists where the observed motion is not radial, but is aligned with the local jet direction suggesting that the jet flow occurs along pre-existing bent channels. In a few cases a clear change in speed and direction is observed as a feature flows along the jet.


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